Our Vision

EpikInDiFi’s vision is to create products and solutions for banks and financial institutions which will help them in improving their top and bottom line by deep customer engagement through compelling customer journeys, quick to market product offering, cost reduction by process automation and efficient employee journeys.

We will deliver this vision by providing high-quality products & platforms, complementary solutions and transformation services enabled by our employees, technology and assets and supported by our commitment to have business-outcome driven measurement with our clients and partners.

Our Philosophy

Our aim is to be viewed by our clients, partners, investors, employees, and other stakeholders as their trusted and dependable partners to solve the big challenges of their time.

“We make small promises and keep it”. That is the greatest way to gain client trust, build long-term relationships, and deliver successful programs. We have never deviated from that philosophy ever and we have since made that our DNA. So if we make a promise, believe us we will always keep it.

We believe that “Delivery Certainty” and “Quality” must be the primary ingredients of any successful implementation journey. Every step in managing and delivering any program, whether small, large, simple or complex, has to be driven by outcome of “Delivery Certainty”. We have adopted principles of “Continuous Visual Delivery” for delivering large and complex transformation programs to achieve much desired “Delivery Certainty” and “Quality”.


Our differentiation lies in creating every solution using design thinking principles keeping customer at the center.

We combine People, Product and Process (P3) with Technology to create a number of key differentiators.