Our Approach

We are passionate about transforming financial services through innovation and speed, a strong culture of transparency and trust thus ensuring long-term success for the company, investors, partners, and most importantly the customers.

Delivery excellence underpinned by our DNA of ‘Keeping every promise that we make’. Our Flexible Pricing model leverages cloud hosting options. Our unique Risk-Reward based engagement model demonstrates our commitment to deliver on-time every-time.

Implementation Methodology

EPIK Implementation Methodology is designed around the milestones and timelines in any project. Our Methodology is based on a path-breaking “Structured Agile” approach which is the best of breed new approach to implementation. In our methodology, we have considered the best of both “Waterfall” and “Agile” methodologies and creates an effective and efficient methodology that assures “Delivery Certainty”.

The whole implementation is further broken into smaller phases, and the execution of each phase is like an independent project. This helps in prioritizing business requirements which will start giving business benefits at the earliest. The delivery of these business requirements in phases not only offers the returns but also keeps all stakeholders engaged continuously as there are recurring go-lives in the overall project.

Once the DRG is completed, the whole implementation moves to a Sprint based approach and these sprints will be immersive activities where the required functions are designed, configured and tested as part of that Sprint. We follow a ‘Continuous Visual Delivery’ method in which there are daily huddles and weekly show-and-tell to keep all stakeholders highly engaged and eradicate the element of surprise during testing.