The coronavirus has the whole world in its grip. Not only is public health at risk, but the global economy is being threatened as well. This is due to the fact that, in order to contain the virus, substantial measures are being taken worldwide. Borders are being locked down, events are being cancelled . Companies and individuals are hit hard by the government measures.

These measures are necessary, because our health comes first. However, they also raise other concerns for various entrepreneurs. After all, no work means no income. For many companies, therefore, the coronavirus crisis will also cause financial problems.

Straight away the question arises against what will happen to debt which was supposed to be collected by the financial institutions. They clearly cannot send field agents for collection.

Here EpikINDIFI brings you with a solution to engage with today’s mobile savvy debtors called ClickEZ . It is a digital self-servicing mobile application, which gives consumer quick and easy way to respond to loan overdues via a link sent to them through a sms or an email.

ClickEZ gives the debtors flexible options like “Creating a Payment Plan” where if a debtor doesn’t have the money to pay now then he/she can himself create a payment plan which is agreeable by the banks/nbfc’s.

It also gives debtors various option like “Pay Now” to make the debt repayment or “Request call back” where they ask bank/nbfc’s representative to call them at their suitable date and time.

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