Past 12 months have been quite wonderful and inspiring for all of us in EPIK for several reasons and top of that is organisation building.

As we started building #EPIKDreamTeam, several new challanges emerged and every challenge presented us with opportunity to climb to newer heights and build the organisation for next level of growth. While we continued our pursuit of getting right talents from market, we worked on our new strategy of campus connect and outreach.

We visited top engineering and management colleges and have been able to attract some of top talents who are looking forward to be part of an EPIK journey. The energy and enthusiasm in the students really hit me and their urge to do well professionally is remarkable. I have to thank each of the institutions who gave us opportunity to visit their campus and be part of campus hiring.

These campus visits also reinforced my belief that India posseses probably the best talent in the world. I am also aware that it is entirely our responsibility to mould them to emerge as leaders of future in every sphere.

What is really remarkable in this team building exercise is that existing team members are getting experience of their life time and I can see many of them climb several notches professionally and have assumed leadership role in very young age. Some of those who joined few months back were already part of recruitment team. It is very heartening to see young guns are helping each other to learn new technologies and in the process building friendship of life time which is going to keep them in good stead wherever they will be.

I am very enthusiastic to see this mix of young talented pool who are going to shape the future of EPIK under the guidance of existing leadership. We are building a high performing dream team which will always believe in delivering what ordinary mortals will be scared to even think.

It is going to be very exciting journey ahead and I am sure it will be fulfilling for everyone.

-Rajendra Awasthi (Co-Founder, EPIK)

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