We love Nerds and Geeks as we believe that they have their heart in the right place and want to make a real difference in the world. We don’t hire Ninjas, because we don’t know how to evaluate them.

We are not fascinated by folks who only work with marquee brands, we believe every Indian engineer has immense potential, we are here to nurture those potential and make them count

If you are drawn to fancy classrooms and manicured campuses, then we are not the place to work for you. If you are drawn to large fancy brands with no heart and soul and every employee is nothing but an employee number, then we are definitely NOT the place to work for you…

However, if you want to make your career in a company being built as a happy working place; which is full of heart, soul, passion and happiness and where every member is part of our family, then come talk to us…

We promise to provide you with an environment where you can learn from experts, get a chance to meet and interact with global industry experts, chance to impress customers in various parts of the world; work in different parts of the world and write codes which will make differences in the lives of millions in Banking, Financial Services and Education sectors.

Our philosophy is that a person’s “Altitude is determined by Attitude”. “Never say die” and “never say no” are two strong characters we cherish.We are a place for people who want to build careers with us and not a place where you can get a job.

So, if the above points touch a cord with you, we would be very excited to talk to you.