Customer Onboarding – rising from the ashes of the pandemic

In late January of 2021, with over 5 different vaccines being rolled out across the globe, there was great optimism in the air. A world which was fatigued by over 1 year of lockdown was slowly limping back to some sense of normal, things were opening up and there [...]


Go Digital: Best way for Banks to respond to COVID19

The last time there was a global crisis, banks were widely perceived to be a big part of the problem. This time around, banks are central to the solution. Banks can play an immediate role in reducing the spread of COVID-19 by helping customers make better use of digital and [...]


Go Digital with Debt Collection during Coronavirus crisis

The coronavirus has the whole world in its grip. Not only is public health at risk, but the global economy is being threatened as well. This is due to the fact that, in order to contain the virus, substantial measures are being taken worldwide. Borders are being locked down, events [...]


How Fintechs Are Changing Debt Collection

Digital Transformation  platforms by fintechs are the new normal in India. According to a recent study by Microsoft, digital transformation (DX)  will add USD 154 billion to India’s GDP by 2021 and increase the country’s growth rate by 1% annually. Business leaders in India expect to see huge productivity gains, [...]


How Lending Is Getting Transformed

The technology behind the secure, simple and fast lending we have at our fingertips today has completely changed the way we borrow. From faster loan approval to the ability to click a button or two and get pre-approval for a loan that might’ve previously taken weeks. How it all [...]

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