Customer Success Stories

Client: A leading bank in Mauritius

Background and Problem Statement:

Pre-approval of a credit application requires capturing of basic customer data such as KYC, income details, employment details, verification of credit history of the applicant and calculation of a overall credit risk score on the basis of which a decision can be made. This entire process typically took between 2-3 days without automation. The bank was looking at optimising this process to reduce the total processing time for credit check.

Solution: EPIKINDIFI’s Rubix automation solution digitized the customer data collection process and automated the entire manual process of extraction and inference of credit reports using desktop automation. It also automated the determination of the credit risk profile using web automation.

In digitization and automation of the sub-processes resulted in the bank being able to provide in-principle approval for a loan application based on the risk profile without any manual intervention, thus reducing the duration from 2-3 days to under 5 minutes.

Client: A leading NBFC in India

Background and Problem Statement:

SME Lending for various products such as working capital loans or bill discounting requires data of the corporate customer from various sources such as Companies Register, Income tax portals, potential presence in Black lists/World Check, and analysis of financial statements. This requires a large amount of data to be input into the system. These checks required resources and delayed the processing time of the loan application.

Solution: EPIKINDIFI’s Rubix automation solution automated the extraction of data from multiple data sources by automatically navigating through websites, excel files and any third-party software applications and extracting the relevant fields for analysis. Additionally, the solution was able to automatically calculate relevant financial ratios using data extracted from balance sheets and P&L statements.

The tool was able to automate most of the manual data entry processes reducing the data entry effort by 40%. It also reduced the loan application processing time and eliminated the need for the manual verification.

Customer Success Management

“As trusted advisors offering best practices and solutions, the Customer Success Management (CSM) team is the customer’s central touch point, whose primary job is to manage the long-term health and success of each customer”

EPIK is passionate about the success of its every single customer. It has developed an approach that ensures an active partnership with each of its customers.

Ensuring every customer’s success requires deep understanding of their individual needs. EPIK’s Team begins its customer relationship right at from the first interaction and maintain the same intensity in relationship which never ends. Every customer is special for us and it is our earnest endeavour to enable them in achieving maximum value from EPIK’s unique platforms.

Customer Relationship Management

As a matter of principle, we nurture every customer relationship by:

  • Offering best practices and suggestions to maximize the value of the Bank Operating System and achieve the institution’s goals
  • Providing proactive support including updates on the latest product releases
  • Driving user adoption and ensuring user success
  • Partnering to improve on strengths, eliminate inefficiencies and maximize productivity
  • Empowering users to tap into the power of our platforms through ongoing training
  • Measuring ROI by analyzing progress on the platform and identifying short- and long-term goals during biannual executive business reviews