CHENNAI: B2B technology firm EPIKInDiFi has joined hands with IntelleGrow, an NBFC part of Aavishkaar Group, for technology partnership.

IntelleGrow will use EPIKInDiFi’s product ‘Vanguard’ for loan origination and credit assessment of its entire lending portfolio. The digital banking platform, Vanguard, is an end-to-end flexible, integrated, modular and intelligent digital lending origination platform that takes care from customer origination journey right till the disbursement of loans.

Recommended By Colombia. It is based on the core principle of zero code and visual drop and drag designing. Vanguard is a visually driven ‘zero-code’ platform which can be effectively managed and operated by bank’s business and IT staff.

“With this partnership, IntelleGrow is implementing the most complete cloud-native, cloud-agnostic digital lending platform. EPIK’s Vanguard will enable IntelleGrow to significantly enhance client engagement through its advisors and relationship managers. Using API-first technology and design-led thinking, new business applications can be rolled out in days instead of weeks and months. This will boost IntelleGrow’s product innovation and allow for operational excellence enabling it to thoroughly prepare for future growth and expansion.” Nikesh Sinha, CEO of IntelleGrow, said.

Sushmitshri Babu, director, EPIKInDiF, said, “Banking trends indicate that CXOs main retail SME focus is on simplifying the customer journey, improving data analytics and use of insights and; improving integration of delivery channels.”

“Going forward, lending is expected to expand rapidly and multi fold in India in next five years due to the overall growth of Indian economy and the huge untapped potential for formal credit to retail and the SME segment. The availability of data in real time and digital form will enable the financial institutions to make and offer products which are customer centric and quick easy to consume,” Babu said.