Simple, intelligent and intuitive ‘Digital’ approach to engage customers and ensure better collections and ROI for Banks and Credit providers.

Personalized customer segmentation is at the center of the next-generation collections model. These allow moving away from static classification, whether standard delinquency stages or simple risk scores. Additionally, customers dictating their interaction touchpoints presents tremendous challenges for traditional collection models. However, it offers new opportunities for ‘Digital-Self-Service’ collection models.

Intuitive – Highly engaging Customer Experience allows customers to interact at a time and medium of their choosing through a Digital-Self-Service Portal

Personalized – Using predictive analytics and data-driven intelligence, lenders can personalize communication with every micro-segment of customers

Effective – Using neurodesign technology in the UX process, increase the pay/promise-to-pay by over 200% over traditional collections model

Key Functionalities

Key Features

Line of Business

  • Banks

  • NBFCs

  • Mutual funds

  • Telecommunications

  • Utilities

  • Debt collection agencies

  • Ecommecrce players

  • Mutual funds

  • Retail outlets


“ClickEz with it’s simple and easy to use self servicing technology has increased our debt collection by 90%”
–  Leading finance company in Australia

“Self-servicing Intelligent payment plans of ClickEz has helped our business collect payments which previously required a lot of time, effort and avoid repeated conversation with the customer”
–  Leading NBFC from India


  1. Ease of scaling the collection operations without manpower increase
  2. Significant cost reduction as compared to traditional in-house collection model
  3. Effective, personalised and engaging customer experience
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