Identify Ezee

100% RBI compliance AI-based omnichannel solution that offers customers security, scalability, and event-based follow-ups.

This is a one stop VKYC Solution for all regulated entities enabled by frictionless, intuitive and superior customer experience. In today’s digital identity verification has become a neccessity for all businesses. However, offering the best user experience along with limiting fraud is provital to sucessful identity verification. Businesses across industries need safer solution to let good customers in and keep the fraudsters out.

Key Features

Use cases covered by identify.ezze 

  • Account opening

  • User registration

  • Digital loan apply

  • Credit cards apply

  • eKYC conversion

  • Savings account apply

Value Propositions

  • Configurable workflows and rules

  • Assisted as well as unassisted journey

  • Integration with external third party softwares 

  • Geotagging of customer’s location

  • Automated follow-up and reminders based on events 

  • 100% RBI compliance 

  • Sophisticated rules based routing 

  • AI based facematching and micro-expresssion analysis

  • Highly secure and scalable

  • Personalized communication with intelligence of best time and medium

  • Unified document portal for all customers and user documents

  • Extensive reporting and analysis capability

  • Omnichannel solution for customer and user

  • Configure complex workflow & integration

  • Real-time performance dashboards

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