Vanguard” is the flagship product developed by EPIKINDIFI. It is an end-to-end Flexible, Integrated, Modular and Intelligent Digital Lending Origination platform from Customer journey origination through in-principle sanction and upto disbursement. Vanguard is a visually driven ‘zero-code’ platform which can be effectively managed and operated by bank’s business and IT staff.

“Vanguard” empowers leaders and employees of an Financial Institution with true insight into the organisation through an end-to-end integrated platform that spans across business products and combines customer onboarding, account opening, loan origination, deposit accounts, workflow, credit analysis, content management and instant reporting capabilities. Vanguard seamlessly integrates with the Institution’s core and transactional systems, while replacing point solutions and manual-based processes.

Vanguard is being used by our different customers across globe for both their SME and Retail lending business. It can also automate and create straight-through processing for liabilities products such as CASA and Term Deposits. Vanguard can also be used to manage various service requests and credit card dispute resolution.

  • Designed by bankers who understand how financial institutions operate, Vanguard delivers ROI by:
  • Delivering revenue growth by quicker turn-around time
  • Improving productivity due to process automation
  • Improved Customer relationships due to memorable customer experience
  • Improving compliance by maintaining data integrity

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